Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get planning permission ?

This varies on the size of the project and the local authority. Most straightforward domestic planning applications are decided within 8 - 12 weeks.

Are we guaranteed to get planning permission ?

Nothing is guaranteed although we do have a 98% success rate for planning applications.

When does work need to start after planning permission is granted ?

Planning permission expires after a certain period. Generally unless your permission says otherwise, you have three years from the date it's granted to begin the development.

What are Building Regulations ?

Building Regulations contain a list of requirements that are designed to ensure minimum standards for health and safety welfare convenience, energy efficiency.

Why choose Veridge Ltd ?

We have an oustanding team of Architect Designers who are here to provide a personalised service from inception to completion. We have the experience, professionalism and attention to detail to provide excellent results to every project.

What type of projects do Veridge take on ?

We take on all range of project types. We specialise in Residential and Commercial projects designing high quality architecture, designing every one of our projects to maximise light and space.

Can the internal layout be altered after planning permission is achieved ?

As long as it doesn't affect the appearance of the dwelling such as window, skylights and etc it can be altered the interior layout, however, it must be confirmed before completing the Building Control Package.

How long does it take to complete the project ?

The time it will take for your project will depend on the package and services required, it could be as soon as 10 days if its a bigger project can take up to 5 weeks.

What type of projects are Veridge capable of handling ?

We have enough resources and capability of delivering up to 15 projects a month.

Are there architectural plans required for proposals under permitted development rights ?

Although we strongly advise you to obtain a Lawful Certificate, the planning drawings are not mandatory.

Do I always need to submit the Building Control application ?

As long as you are altering any structural element of the planning you will need to submit a relevant building control application to your local authority.

Can you submit the Planning Application and the Building Control application at the same time ?

Yes you can however it is better to wait for planning permission approval to avoid additional costs.

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