Our Services

Our team of highly qualified professionals specialise in providing the following services:


Design is at the heart of what we do. We believe great design is simple & is not only how it feels & looks, but also how it works. We have Two types of design services:

Architectural Design:
- Basic Planning Drawings
- Existing Floor Plans and Elevations
- Proposed Floor Plans
- Elevations & Roof Plan
- Site Plan (both existing and proposed)
- Block Plan (OS map/ Location Plan)
- Cross Section
- Detailed Architectural Design
- Lighting Design
- Landscape

Interior Design:
- 3D visualisation of Exterior
- 3D visualisation of Interior
- Interior furnishing
- Interior materials/fabrics
- Bills of Quantities (BoQ)


Our talented team of experts ensure that any building we design and build is made to last, whether your project is a family home or a commercial property. Our main detailed drawings are listed below:

- Comprehensive Structural Calculation Reports
- General Notes
- Detailed Existing and Proposed Plans, Elevations and Sections
- Foundation Details
- Beam and Block Systems
- Flooring Framing Details
- Roof Framing Details
- Safety Plans Per Floor
- Electrical Layouts if Applicable
- Earthing Notes if Applicable
- Joist Details
- Rafter Details
- Beam Details
- Wall Details
- Timber Member Details
- Construction Drawings
- Drainage Surveys
- Drainage Drawings
- Specifications of work
- Tender Package
- Shop drawings
- Plus Many More Detailed Drawings…

Application Management

We prepare and submit all documents, effectively communicate with councils & planning associations and amend all documents to secure approval.

The main applications are:
- Planning Permission (All kind)
- Building Control/Regulation
- Thames Water

Our application management services include:
- Check the documents before submission
- Prepare and submit the application form
- Pay the fees on behalf of client
- Chase the application until it’s transferred/submitted to Local Authority
- Liaise with validation team until the application is validated, acknowledged and registered online
- Be the first point of contact for Authority if further/amendments are required
- Arrange the site visit with client for planner/officer when she/he aims for the attendance
- Communicate with planner/officer throughout the entire process and have updates at all times
- Monitor the application until the decision date
- Provide the client with the acknowledgment and decision letter when received

Tender and Project Management

Here at Veridge we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to our clients. We manage all the processes from inception to completion making your dreams come to life. Below is the list of what we offer (but not limited to):

Tender Package:
- Detailed architectural drawings
- Building Control Drawings including section
- Building Control -Specifications notes
- Structural Engineering Design and drawings
- Lighting and small power design and drawings
- M & A Design and specifications including plumbing and electrical
- Construction drawings
- Specifications of work
- Tender report
- Tender the project with potential builders
- Select the builder with consultation received from client
- Organise for the start of project

Project Management:
- Attend the site at least once a week
- Coordinate with the contractors and any external providers such as kitchen supplier, bathroom supplier, flooring and etc
- Produce weekly progress report to client with updates on the project
- Communicate with the building control/ private building control inspector to make sure the site is progressing according to the standards 
- Make sure the tender package is followed at site and match the adjustment should there be any required during the construction

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